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New York Fertility Services

Challenge: Create a digital brand that can contend with the premier IVF clinics in the hotly competitive NYC Market.


Strategy: Capitalize on Name Equity, Geo-location, and Keywords to position Oranic and Paid Search efforts at the top of Search Engine Results


Result: Page 1 ranking for Organic keywords "IVF NYC" and top 3 PPC ranking increased conversion rates 22%. Coupled with print and social media, sales funnels increased output by 40% and reduced lead time by identifything those prospects who were further down the family building experience.


Logo Design/Develoment

Print Advertising

Social Media

West Point Military Academy

Challenge: Meet the demand of the Military's active engagement protocol by delivering a highly reliable video solution for "in theater" communications.


Strategy: Build a Highly Redundant, Burstable network with Multi-threshold Failover systems to securea 99.99999% uptime.


Result: Met the Department of Defense's IP Video requirements including “in theater” and “First Responder” support for men and women at the front lines. Supplying maximum uptime, and critical incident support utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, burstable redundancy measures, and personnel who understand the requirements, and consequences of a job well done.

Property For Sale Marche

Challenge: Design & Develop a digital presence for an Ex Pat Italian startup company. Identify the competition, penetrate the fiercely guarded market, and navigate the complex and often intimidating local and provincial laws.


Strategy: Lead with personal approach for walking clients through the Dream from an end-to-end approach with various websites, Social and Email campaigns. Round out the marketing mix with Geo-Targeted PPC efforts, and affiliate marketing tactics.


Result: Avoided a costly bidding war on primekeywords by identifying those phrases that lead to the highest conversion rates. Create a series of web videos to guide prospets through the process. Compliment print based advertising in UK, with tested and producing property portals.


Real Estate: Website | Logo | Print | Social

Attorney: Website | Logo | Print

Construction: Website | Logo | Print

Alice Dalton Brown

Challenge: Build a website to showcase artwork that outranks Reproduction Houses and Poster Companies (including Amazon.com) for her desired keyword "Alice Dalton Brown".


Strategy: Reinforce authenticity of website as "The Official Autority on Alice Dalton Brown" via meta-tags, filenames, and dominate HTML text. Add email & Social Media compnents to increase traffic.


Result: Rocket to Organic Page 1 rank within 14 days on both Google & Bing. Increased queries from regional & national to global prospects. Expanded Social Media network over 50% with a visable buzz @ upcomming gallery shows.


Website | SEO | Social

Cortlandt Colonial

Challenge: Develop a web 2.0 property that simplfiied client updates, increased organic ranking, and maintained a 30+ year old family brand.


Strategy: Maintain brand equity by infusing digital imagery with brick and mortar aesthetics. Leverage Social Media with frequent updates @ offers and events. Showcase additional services in dedicated web properties to increase revenue streams.


Result: Website visists increased 27% in first 3 months. Social Media participation jumped 44%, Customer Loyalty opt-in grew by 16%. Additional Wedding website facilitated a "choose your own wedding package" driving inquries over 50% during a down economy.


Restaurant | Weddings | Catering | Social

Hudson Valley Fertility

Challenge: Deliver a new Brand for a seasoned NYC IVF Physican in a market with existing Medical Powerhouses dominating the landscape.


Strategy: Build on top keyword search terms to rise organically above competiton with deep relevance for geographic concerns.


Result: Direct connection to demographic whose desire to remain close to home for treatment, but who prefered a seasoned IVF professional created an instant online destination for lead generation. Additional resource planning verticles layered in a one-stop solution for clinical, financial and support systems.


Website | Logo | Brochure | Letterhead

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